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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 17, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PST

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a plane lands next to drivers on a freeway. >> i'm so confused. >> meet the pilot with the rush hour skills. >> cars are just parting like the red sea. >> that woman with the suitcase is a -- >> 94-year-old grandmother. >> how some heartless thugs ruined her day. >> in yoga, you're supposed to say om not, oh, no. >> the drone that went all downward dog. >> look who loves his early christmas gift.
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>> and ten holiday prank presents. why sometimes it's just so easy. >> give her a pair of balloons. >> some of them look like that. there are just certain things you can't learn in the classroom. emergency landing of a craft. robby smith was okay when he landed the plane. worked on the plane next day monday. now you see the kids all outside of the cook inlet academy. you see the plane taxi out of the parking lot. approach the road where cars are still driving back and forth. robby gets the plane out on the road. you see power lines up ahead. you see them inside the cockpit. underneath that power line. traffic pulled off. there goes robby back up in the
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air. this video happened back in november. ktuu were the first to report about it. it's getting popular. we have the pilot robby smith join us "right this minute." reports say you had some engine failure. what happened? >> what happened, i lost 3/4 of the power of my engine. when i was come into land, there was a cross wind. imagine the wind's blowing 18 to 20 miles per hour from the side. when i lost my power and going away from the airport, i ended up turning around 180 degrees. i saw the baseball field at the sports center. man, i could get it in there. there's a bunch of chain link fence. immediately turn the road, there is a power line. i frank it up and i'm losing speed, about to stall and pitch it back down. now i'm right below the power line. it's rush hour traffic. cars are parting like the red sea except this one lady i'm
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over the top of. she is probably going 45, 50, which is about as slow as i go. if i dive, i'm going to hit her. if i go too slow i'm going to fall on top of her. i'm holding it off her. my right wing is over the top of her. still makes me shake thinking about it. she sings my wing tips and moves to the side right when my right wing loses it. >> oh, my gosh! >> did any of the other vehicles on the road know you just kind of buffaloed your way on the road? >> i had two buddies walk it off. the other buddy started waving off traffic. my buddy pulls out. i pulled out after him. everybody moves to the side. i'm going for it. i got my feet up and climbed out of there home free. >> what do you do with this plane? >> strange enough, i finished my private pilot license three flights before that occurred. that is a big shoutout to all my instructors and everybody who
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trained and prepared me for a situation like that. >> targets of opportunity is what we are going to see in these two videos. the first one is a video that exploded on facebook from ireland. jill posted the video of her 94-year-old grandmother being robbed. she has an envelope of money she just picked up in the post office. somebody suddenly comes to the door. two young women. you see this. unzips the suitcase. it's the messiest bit of pick-pocketing. then holds the door. judge, what a disgusting human being. >> they share it. they go into the same building. i'm so confused. >> they had to be following this woman then use her as a target. >> a 94-year-old person, you don't know where their money is come or how they are living. you've got to leave them alone.
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>> that is sentiment you're finding that has been shared over 10,000 time. police in ireland looking for help identifying these people. people are really, really trying to help. >> similar situation. this time from mexico city. >> this is going viral for the audacity of it. she is through the security gate. there is a security guy right there. jumps over, grabs the bag which was full of money. she is out the door. she only had bruising to her arm. like i said, that was payroll. they figured out how to pay the staff. >> that security guard took way too much -- he needs to go back to security guard school. >> they got over $13,000. the images have just been released.
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this is the story of derby. derby was born with deformed front legs. derby still likes to get around. there was help. enter printed 3-d prosthetics r derby. there you can see them on the computer designing what they want it to look like. this is derby with his prosthetics. now his forever home parents. >> i don't become impressed very quickly. when i saw him sprinting like that, it was amazing. >> look at that. >> he must love this. i know he's probably, what is this on my legs making my leg awesome. >> derby seems to immediately adapt to it and knows this is making life easier. >> he runs with jerry and myself every day at least 2-3 miles. >> this dog is running 2-3 miles a day. who would have thought he would be running 2-3 miles a day?
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>> wow. >> thank you so much for recording this. in the first video we've got a nice drone shot over a nice little area where you've got people doing their yoga poses. brilliant way to relax on a lovely day, but watch what happens. >> are you sure that's not a circus act? >> oh! >> it hit her. >> the guy lost control of the drone. hit her right as she was doing that nice yoga pose. but everything's okay. everyone giggled at the end. >> are you okay? >> are you all right? >> i like how she laughed it off. >> the pilot is sweating right now. >> i did hurt her? she says she's fine. >> i'm all right. >> this next video, man behind the wheel of the car going through a drive-through decided to get what probably his phone out and record at this moment. that guy is on an automatic scooter. >> does he get an order?
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>> you see him pull up to the drive-through speaker. this guy pulls on through. we see him at the drive-through window. he gets his order. >> it's possible he just does this so often, he's a regular. he doesn't need to ask. what's up, william. here's your lunch. >> he is known as the san diego highway man. >> i go out on the freeway, highways and byways. >> he suffered an accident which totalled that car. >> one man is telling his story to get beulah back on the road. >> it's the ultimate water slide, but you don't go down on your body. >> oh! >> you go in a coffin. >> what this record-breaking ride is all about. is a really big deal.rfromu wiwithth a achcheses, , fefeve-
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follow the show all day long. the kids at an awesome texas skate park witnessed the future. the future we've been told about since "back to the future part 2." >> yes. >> this is a real hover board built by ryan craven. this thing is working. it's four leaf blowers aboard a shower curtain. all he's done is created an air pocket. hear the kids not only get to see it. but ryan lets a few of them take the first spin.
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>> there is another new ride on the horizon called "sky caliber." this is a water slide at a texas facility. it is a world record-breaking design. 90 feet tall with a 45-foot vertical drop. go around the loop. even though it's a water slide, you don't go down on your body. >> you go in a coffin. it will kill you. >> here is what it looks like inside the ride. that's your point of view through the tube. there's the look inside the chamber. >> you lay there like this. >> it is not uncommon to pay tribute to people who left an imprint in our life after they
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passed. there is a new project called "while i'm here, the legacy project" that pays tribute to people making a difference in our communities while still living. >> in this first installment, the san diego highway man is featured. >> people call me the highway man because i go out on the freeways and highways and byways and help people that broke down it. do it because when i was 16, i got pulled out of a snow bank by a man who came along. he wouldn't accept any money from me. he just said if you just help somebody you come across when you can. that's how i got started doing what i do. >> thomas weller, for 48 years, has traveled down the san diego highways helping people on the side of the road that have been stranded get back on the road. >> beulah, my search-and-rescue ford rescue vehicle is destroyed. in 2011, it was totalled. she was like a person to me.
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i knew every little bit of that car. i miss beulah. i can't afford to fix beulah. that would be my ultimate wish to have beulah back and useable before i go. >> just a heartfelt, passionate good guy. >> this is the part where you tell us all the people he helped got together and fixed beulah. >> we hope that is exactly what happened because there is a go fund me page where people can donate. he is hoping to raise $10,000. people in san diego, if you want to help thomas, head over to for the link. >> christmas came early for this little fellow. mom and dad cannot wait to give this dinosaur rocky horse to
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him. >> it's awesome. >> this little fellow loves it. he could not be happier. he's like, whatever. i don't care if santa comes because i've got this everyone is loving this. this is the greatest present ever. everyone is enjoying it. >> in this video, this baby distracted by a laser pointer. >> like a cat. >> the best babysitting. >> yep, you're good. >> this is hours and hours and hours of entertainment. you two are going to love this third video. it's a little older but just now trending. the grove bay tyke. he's got to play her down. that's a player on the owe poensipoens i opposing team. a 3-year-old.pposing team. a 3-year-old.
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>> 3? is she walking yet? >> number 12 from the rival team. this is amarah. she is 4 years old. number 12 the 4-year-old received an award. >> i think professional athletes might want to take a look at this. a dog gets stuck on a frozen pond. >> firefighters have to rescue him. >> see how they get the cold pup back to safety. and move over gingerbread house. >> how to snap, crackle and pop your way to choo choo. of this year's superstar... (coughs) coughing can really be disruptive. with a record breaking fifty million votes, your superstar is... that's why there's delsym. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief. up to twice as long as other cough liquids. so the only sounds you'll hear are the ones you want to hear.
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want to see a video again and again? head over to share them with your friends. the idea in this video covers all kinds of fronts. the cooking something with your kids. the creative gift you can get for one. the rice crispy train. you need simple things. rice crispy, little mints. candy canes. >> are these premade? >> they are. >> that's little squish. he is making these trains with
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his mama. he's oliver by the way. >> she runs my cupcake addiction youtube channel. >> white chocolate. >> delicious. >> you use white chocolate to attach the mints to the side. >> it is a twinkie. >> this looks awesome. >> you can get creative with the placements of the candy canes and the twinkies. you can do anything you want. look at this one. i like this one with the little santa claus. >> like a coal car full of skittles. >> that would be a beautiful centerpiece on a holiday table with hors d'oeuvres. you can eat that for dessert. >> the kids can break into it. samuel chases duck into
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frozen pond. firefighters have to rescue him. >> that happened in scotland. he after a duck and got stuck in the pond. firefighters had knowledge of the pond. they took axes and chopped through the ice to get to the dog. >> aw. >> they didn't bother staying on top of the ice. >> they knew how deep it was. they thought, we'll wade in there, so to speak. they eventually do get to the dog. >> good for them for going in there and saving the family dog. poor guy was terrified and cold. how is the duck doing this? >> people who witness it say firefighters went above and beyond the call of duty to rescue that dog. that dog was so cold, it wasn't wrigling around. they warm him up, dry him off. the dog was okay, the own wares happy and the firefighters were
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the regular heros that they are. >> in northern sweden, a different kind of animal encounter with humans. >> there is a fox. there is a hen. what does the fox do? >> this is crazy. >> i think the fox went away. there is nothing tasty on those fingers. >> where have they been? >> human flesh, not so tasty. >> that is a chubby fox. that fox is doing well for himself. >> i love those foxes. >> we are unwrapping christmas pranks. >> you get an ipad case. >> think again. the surprise to fool your family and friends. a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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making the car buying process even more fun. >> this comes with a warning. these holiday pranks are conducted by professionals. just one professional in particular. he is showing you how to prank people with christmas gifts. clever. the first one.
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lo >> i don't think that's a prank. i would love a can of beets. they are good for everything. >> they can be expensive. he found a way that is economical for you to give that woman what she wants. >> give her a pair of balloons. >> some of them look like that. >> the next one is brilliant. you give somebody batteries. when you have something that requires batteries, the batteries are never included. >> that's awesome. >> i love this one. you want to tell somebody, i'm going to give you 100 grand. you give them 100 grand candy bar. >> delicious. unprankable. >> this next one is mean but funny. you get an ipad case. >> they're great for your eyes.
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>> this one isn't mean. if you are a guy you want to give this to your lady. give her an ipad mini but put it in an ugly box and make her think, oh, come on. >> you empty cologne and pour it out and put in vomit smell. the first thing they do in the room, let's smell it. >> awesome. that's a good gift for your buddy. >> a good santa present. >> i knew you'd love it. >> that's our show, everybody. thanks for joining us. see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." today, rock legend gene simmons hits the "wendy" coup for tch f first time. and more amazing surprises as the holiday gift grab continues. and the reviews are in. mariah carey kicks off her new york christmas concerts. we've got the inside scoop on how she did. plus, all of today's super juicy "hot topics." now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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